1)Book Details
My third selection
-Title=Out of Time
-Author=Caroline B. Cooney
-Publication=Bantam Doubleday Dell Books for Young Readers
-Total Pages=210
-Data checked out(started to read)=11.1.2011

2)Why did İ choose this book
-I actually gave a thought for quite some time to think if i would actually enjoy it and looked at other books aswell but this was the one that i liked the most compare to them.

3)Plan for reading
-İ am planining on reading my book at home in my room

-İt will take me read this book everyday except weekends at least 10 minutes.

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  • Summary=The book "Out of Time" is about a girl called Annie Lockwood who can travel in time.When she went to 100 years before she met Strat and she fell in love with him.What is going in my book is that Strat insists that Annie has traveled hundred years away but noone believes him and his father locked him in an asylum,Annie is trying to get over Strat because there was old newspapers written about Stratton family hundred years ago and then the Starattons vanished from the printed record,Scout was one of the Strattons,this happened because Annie traveled in time.Also Annie has a scattered family their father had a girlfriend but he said that he is not asking for divorce and that he is not gonna get marry to his girlfriend,but their mother kicked him out.Now Annie and her brother are leaving alone in the house because their mother had to go to Japan it doesnt really say why.

  • Prediction=I think that she is gonna try to save Strat from the ansylum he is locked in because the book tells us that she loves him by showing us that she is always thinking of him but she knows that it is gonna affect the future. It is also conflict because she loves him but she doesnt like that she loves him.

  • Connection=My book has a connection with people who have scattered families like divorces or like dads or husbands having an affair like what happened in this book.It also has connection with the story "I'm your horse in the night" because the character in that story also loved a boy that she shouldn't have loved.

  • Evaluate/Critique=My book is nice actually but it can be boring sometimes.The characters are fiction.The story is pretty effective and the author's style is not hopeful.I like when it shows Strat talking and I like it more when she is in past then she is in her time because it makes me feel like she is more free in the past and that she belongs there a bit more even though she doesnt really know how they dress.

Reading LOG:

1.How frequently am I reading?: 4

2.How much am I enjoying this book? : 3

3.How good of a job did I do selectin my book?: 4

4.Have I been succesful at reading regulary? : 4

5.Would I like to spend more time reading? : 4

Independent Reading=a)
Annie Lockwood=1)Didnt forget about Strat 2)"Annie Lockwood had not forgetten about Strat" 3)The Narrartor says 4)This shows us that she still loves him.
1)Not bothering with breakfast 2)"Annie and Tod hadn't bothered with breakfast since Mom had left." 3)The Narrator says 4)This shows us that she doesnt think breakfast is important and she does somethingelse that is important to her then eat breakfast
1)She drinks from the carton 2)"In the kitchen (where the front of the refrigator was bare) her brother was drinking orange juice straight from the carton.Since she was doing the same thing these days, Annie could hardly yell at him." 3)The Narrator says 4)This shows us that she is a bit lazy.
1)She thinks that you shouldnt go through time even if you can 2)"Just because you can go through Time doesn't mean you should. 3)She says 4)This shows us that she learnt her lesson and she knows it is wrong to go through time and that she is actually in pain because she did.
1)She misses Strat 2)"'Hi,Strat,' she whispered to the mirror, as if he and his century were right behind the glass, and the opening of Time was ready.3)The Narrator says 4)This shows us that she loves and misses Strat
1)She is going to travel in time again 2)"She would never know-unless she fell through Time again and caught up." 3)Narrator says 4)This shows us that she is going to travel back in time and most probably something bad is going to happen which is going to affect the future/the past for her time
1)Annie got sick of reality 2)Annie was sick of reality 3)This shows us that the reality is bitter and that she is most probably kind of depressed because of the things that happened and are happening.
1)Annie doesnt know what she is doing but she is doing it anyways 2)"I have no idea what I am doing.Time will do it to me." 3) She says 4)This shows us that Annie is taking risks.
1)She lies 2)"Annie lied" 3)Narrator says 4)This is normal because she cant tell she can tarvel in time but this might turn her into a liar.
1)Annie thinks she is selfish 2)"You're just going because you are selfish and curious 3)She says 4)This shows us that Annie doesnt like herself which is not really a good thing
1)Annie wants answers 2)"I'll have the answers" 3)She says 4)This shows us that she is curious.

Reading Contract:external image 0511-0703-0618-4445_Businesswoman_Reading_the_Fine_Print_of_a_Contract_Document_clipart_image.jpg
When and where,how much?
I am commited to read my book-when=19:30(everyday except saturday and sunday)
 -where=living room
-how much= minimum 20 minutes
I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses as an independent reader and feel this is a honest and reasonable approach to improve.

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Book Review
The genre of the book ‘Out of Time’ is friction.The narrator is unkown because the narrator uses the words she/he and etc. for everyone and doesnt tell her/ his name and I think the narrator is the writer herself,I can identify the narrator as just a story teller who has nothing to do with the book and other than being a story teller it also explains us the feelings and why something happened like that.This book was written by Caroline B. Cooney, and because the subject matter is travelling in time, and love what I think is that she can have a particular insight towards the subject of love but impossible love which is in the book.
‘Out of time’ talks about a girl called Annie Lockwood which can travel back in time and she fell in love with a guy who leaves in 100 years ago from Annie’s time and he tells people that she is a traveler in time and his dad puts him in an asylum, Annie goes back in time just to save him even though she has her own family problems in her time and also by knowing that she shouldnt be with him even though they both love eachother.Also Strat is engaged to his best friend Harriet which loves Strat so much and actually they got married, the newspapers from 100 years before Annie’s time said it before she went in time, but because Annie went in time now they couldnt get married and in the resolution I dont know if they are gonna get married or what is going to happen.
The author’s style is a bit like a teenager (sometimes) but it is also classic.The author’s tone is classical.I dont think the book really does have a specific theme but if it has one it is probably this(at least thats what i think): there is nothing love cant do.The mood is sad but can also count as ironic and conflict because if you look at it this way: there is tones of people in Annie’s time but she goes and loves the boy who leaves in 100 years ago from her time and she knows she shouldnt be with him but she still goes back in time for him. The author employs specific literary devices and the one she mostly uses is conflict because the concept of the book is ‘two people loving eachother when they know they shouldnt.’
I connected with the book at the part when Strat was talking to her sister when he was in the asylum.The book does achieve its goal and I believe that it is successful.I would recommend this book for reading but I would recommend it to people that loves love stories and adventure at the same time and to a person that actually enjoys reading.